In a small town, there lived a girl called Katie who dreamed of having a monkey , but not has a pet , but has a friend. Every morning, she would wake up in excitement in hope for a monkey (chimpanzee to be exact ) to be outside of her window with a banana .

One day, she asked her mother to go to a zoo. ” Hi mum you look like you have nothing to do. Would you take me too the……” Suddenly, her mother got a call placed her hand over Katie’s mouth. And after a long phase she said.

” Of course ill paint your nails for your Christmas party. May I ask when you would like that done?” Katie’s mothers face slowly became dull and she started to make a fake grin. ” Oh. All right I’m totally free today. All right bye.” Katie stared at her mother with watery eyes and ran up stairs. Her mother could her the sound of her crying . Her dad soon decided to come meet her , but not empty handed. ” Katie darling. Are you ok? I’ve got two tram tickets, you can finally come to the….” Katie ran to her dad and squeezed him tight.


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