The Best Day Ever!

It was December 25th the best day ever.

At 7:31 am  i ran down stairs to find lots of presents under the tree  i was so exited, then i ran back upstairs but i hated to be quit so i didn’t wake up my mum or dad and went into my brothers room and whisperd  in his ear merry christmas.He imediantly woke up and say merry christmas to you too.

It was now 8:00 and me and my brother both desided to go in my mum and dads room and yell MERRY CHRISTMAS so we both did it. Are mum and dad reaction was amazing and funny. After that my mum and dad desided to go down stairs and open all are presents. After an hour later my mum started to cooking break fast we had a full english break fast my and my brother got every thing we wished for it was amazing. meanwhile my dad went to pick up my grandmar and unkal. when she came round she had a big bag of presents for me and my brother it was amazing.

After that my family all had there lovely, amazing break fast then we just chilled and and played games and went round my grandmars.At 4:00 my mum dad and grandmar put some snaks on the table with the turkey well the turky was in the oven and then at 5:00 the turkey was ready me and my family was all ready to tuck in with are dinner. Now it was about ruffly 7:35PM wen my and my family rest and had are desert.




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