Editing homework 6W

Once there was a village in Scandinavia that belived in all sorts of things like:

  • ● Reincarnation
  • ● Greek Myths
  • ● Hieroglyphics
  •  And many, many more strange belifes…
  • One warm day, a fire started at 45 Holoberrie Lane, causing a huge panic. The whole village evacuated and firemen fought the fire. One of their other strange beliefs, was of a scary, collosal, towering dragon, who lived in the mountain near the village. They belived that a fire would, one day, awaken the dragon from it’s 1000000 year sleep…
  • This is exactly what happened when the fire started, the dragon awoke and caused the mountain to collapse…

Thank you to Doa for her two stars and a wish on my original post!

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