Christmas Holidays Blog / Homework 6W

Our homework over the Christmas period was to bog about one or a couple of days. I chose Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve I was athinking my dad’s house, so I chose to come home at 2 o clock, so I could be at home for Christmas.

As usual at my dad’s, something weird was going on…

My sister had found a Portuguese youtube video and had decided to watch it, so my dad thought that it would be funny to put on children’s shows on in different languages. These were the ones he put on before we all were crying with laughter, and had to stop:

● Peppa pig in Polish

● Tellytubbies in Russian

●  And Postman Pat in German

(At one point  he tried to put on Postman Pat on in mandarin, but no videos showed up!)

Later on I went home, and a tradition in our house is that on Christmas Eve we get something called a ‘Christmas Eve box’. It’s basically a box or bag with new pyjamas, some sweats or chocolate, some bedsocks, (for me) a new film (my brothers only one) and something to make, do or draw. This year I got some team rudolph pyjamas, some bambino slipper socks, some popcorn, a hot chocolate cup with hot chocolate and marshmallows, Chrismas Vacation (film) and some ornaments to make.

Christmas Day 

I woke up at halfpast 1 in the morning, not relasing the time, I went to tell my mum to wake up. I later woke up at 3 past 6 ando was allowed to open my stocking. When I was done we woke everyone up and went downstairs. Im obviously not goingredients to list everything because I got a lot! One of my favourite gifts was a Sony expira xa (it’s a phone). I also gothink a lot of Bath bombs and beauty products like lip balm, a vanity case, body wash, nail tattoos, nail gems, nail Polish and much more…

I had fun overy the holidaysea and would love to know if we have any similar traditions. Comment below if we do!

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