Boxing Day

Finally, Boxing Day arrived. It is my favourite day (after my birthday)! I had to wake up early. I went Town and did lots of shopping with my mum, dad and my brother. First, I went to River Island ( one of my favourite shops), I bought a pair of trainers and two black dresses. Next, I went to Next my mum bought lots of clothes and so did my dad. I bought a white dress. After that, I went to Smiggle. Me and my brother bought scented pencils and scented felt tips. Later, we went to Disney. My brother bought a Finding Dory ball and a Star Wars Rogue One character. My mum kept showing me things like princess and dolls, at one point she showed me a Barbie and I was like ‘mum, seriously I’m ten’. When my mum showed me the Barbie a twelve year old girl just stares at me and I was so embarrassed my face was literally like this😬. Once we left Disney, we went to Currys, my favourite part of Boxing Day. We were in the shop for two and a half hours. We bought a: laptop💻, ┬áIPad Air 2📱, a portable DVD player(can’t find a portable DVD player emoji),a DVD player📽(Mine is not as olden day-ish as the emoji) and a printer🖨.I was so happy, that when I came home I unboxed my IPad, but was devastated when the batterie was 0%. I love the iPad best. I am writing this blog on it.

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