Justin And The Sirens Harp Part II

Somehow, the girl was not alone. She had three other sea angels on the rocks behind her. All of them chuckled while the sailors ignored the leaches coming towards them and watched the girls, daydreaming they’re life with them. The leaches took one big hit at the boat, then again, and again. It was torture for the Captain because he thought he scared them of in 1892, as he had already suffered from them, many, many years ago. But they were back. Back for him.


Quin, who was another one of Justin’s shipmates, tugged on to the wooden oar and tried to ‘thwack’ the leeches away. In his manly voice he spoke, “That should do for now,” as he pulled the oar back over the side of the ship. BUT, Michael, Lenny and Tom (who stood in front of Quin), slid backwards with one leg further behind the other. As soon as he looked down, he saw leeches all over the oar. The majority of the leeches were climbing up the oar, yet the crew stood back. The sirens chuckled in the distance.











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