Superheroes!!! part 1

Every month the evil supervillians would get someone in disguise and send them to the superheroes and find out their secrets. Problem is that each year you can tell that the supervillians are in disguise and each year one of the superheroes defeat them. This year the Joker wanted to go in disguise,but the superheroes already had a person in disguise. Every year they would come on the 25th of November. The person was Catwoman. When Joker asked Catwoman who are you she said” I’m Harley Quins’s sister.” Everyone was ok with it except for Joker. He was confused. Did Harley Quinn even have a sister. Meanwhile, back at the superheroe base they were all still waiting for Catwoman to call back. The Joker didn’t feel ok. Whilst Catwoman was alone the Joker was right behind her. The Joker knew who it was….

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