Growth Mindset / Fixed Mindset

Some people persevere with every single challenge they receive ; others give up the second they spare a glance at it.But why is everyone different in these ways?What does it really mean to have a growth mindset?


What is a growth mindset?

A growth mindset is where whenever the mindset receives a challenge or a problem anywhere , it can try again no matter how hard it is .This mindset is very good at challenging itself.It will never give up , and if it keeps on trying , it can become smarter.


What is a fixed mindset ?


A fixed mindset is just like the complete opposite of a fixed mindset .It can just look at a problem and know that it won’t be able to do it.If it is given a challenge , and if the challenge is very tricky, it will think the problem is too tricky and give up.They may feel silly when they get something wrong, and never try new things.


So , which one is best for me?


The best one for your mindset will be the growth mindset .This is because it will help you become smarter , help your brain grow even stronger . Your brain is like a muscle , if it keeps on going it will become stronger .


Which do you think would be best?



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