Why do we wear poppies on Remembrance Day ?

Poppies are known well for being worn on Remembrance Day . Some of us know well what a poppy’s purpose is on Remembrance Day : others just wear it as they are told to . If you do not know why a poppy is worn on this special occasion , please be free to read this page .


Remembrance day is on the eleventh of November and this is the day where we remember those soldiers who fought and died in the war . They had died fighting for us and the country , so it is important that we respect and remember them .


Poppies were the first flower to grow on the ground and soil that had been churned up , on the soldiers’ death place . The remembrance poppy was inspired by this , we think that we should wear the first flower that grew where the soldiers died . There is a poem called ‘In Flanders Fields’ that describes this , and I think this is a very good and respectful poem .

Here is a picture of a poppy that we would wear :

Image result for poppy


Here is a picture of a real poppy :

Image result for poppy



Poppy reefs are also used as a way to respect the soldiers . These are a plastic sort of shape covered with fake poppies on one side . Although these are wanted by many people , you cannot just buy them from any old store  . You have to buy them from special place that specialises in making poppy reefs .

Here is a picture of a poppy reef :


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