The water cycle

The water cycle is what gives us water to drink , and other things to do with water . The water cycle gives us rain hail, snow ,maybe even lightning or thunder .It gives us the beautiful view of clouds and oceans and seas .


The water cycle contains four steps : condensation ,precipitation ,collection and evaporation. Without each and every step ,water cycle would be nothing !


The first step of the water cycle is evaporation .This step is where the sun comes out and sucks all the water it can find . Most of the time it goes to oceans and seas , bu it can also take some from ordinary puddles .Obviously , it doesn’t take all the water . The water gets slowly sucked up into the sky as water vapour . It takes at least four hours for the water to drain completely .


The second step of the water cycle is condensation . This is where the water vapour in the sky joins together with all the other water vapours . It forms a cloud and freezes together , as in the sky it is absolutely freezing . The wind can push it across the sky , that is why you always seen to see the clouds drifting across the sky .


The third step of the water cycle is precipitation . This is the step of the cycle where the water vapours get even bigger and heavier . As a result , the vapours fall down as rain , as they cannot hold up in the clod any more.


The last step in the water cycle is called collection . This is where the oceans receives the water . It goes down the waterfall into the place where it shall go [ocean , lake , river ,etc.] .


All of these steps joined together create The Water Cycle . This is what gives you water , a beautiful sight of clouds , snow and more . I hope you enjoyed this blog and learned a lot .


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