6W Homework 9/11/16 The Water Cycle

  1. The Water Cycle is the cycle of which rain falls and somehow can go back up to the clouds waiting for it to rain again. Here is how that happens:
  2. 1. First the water falls from the clouds, this is called precipitaction.
  3. 2. Then after the water has fell it travels into streams, rivers and lakes and ends up in the sea.
  4. 3. Then the sun absorbs the water from the sea, this is called evaporation.
  5. 4. Then the water then turns into water vapor.
  6. 5. After that, when the water vapour reaches cool air this forms clouds, this is called condensation.

Our topic question is ‘Will we ever see the water we drink again’ My answer is yes, I think this because with the water cycle continuously happening, the water we drink go’s into the toilet and then is cleaned and released into a river or lake this the travels to the sea, the water cycle happens and the rainwater is then cleansed again, then sent to the taps in our homes, so consitquently the water that comes through our taps has been drunk by dinosaurs! (Did you also know water is impossible to completely get rid of!!!)

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