Strange and unique cats that are simply amazing . . .

First of all , Venus is a simply extraordinary cat that is half black and half orange . Even the eye colours on his two lizard eyes are different !His face is different on both sides , and then towards the body it fades out .Here is a pic of the cat :


Image result for Venus the cat

Wow !



The second cat in this blog is called Hamilton the Hipster cat . This marvelous cat is famous for its very handsome meow -stache [ do you get the joke ?] .Here is a pic of this handsome feline friend :

Image result for Hamilton the hipster cat




Meowtasic !!!!




The third cat is called grumpy cat , mainly because of its permanent grumpy expression !

Here is a picture of it :

Image result for Famous cat



Very grumpy !



The fourth cat is a unique one that I am sure we will all love ! His name is Sam , and instead of having a permanent grumpy expression , he is always looking worried …Here’s a picture :


Image result for Famous cat



Why the worried look , kitty ? What’s wrong ? ‘.’





















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