Persian Cat breed facts to know

The Persian Cat is a very popular breed , mainly because of the incredible amount of fur it has . In this blog , I will tell you all the facts I know about Persian cats .



Persian cats are , as I told you famous mostly just because of their fur . They are the complete opposite of Sphnx cats , who unfortunately have no fur . Some Persian cats are tabby ones , others are just plain white .

Now I shall tell you the real facts and incredible stuff about Persian cats .


1.They were in the world’s first cat show .


2. They are the most popular in the United States of America.


3. Some people mistake Persian cats for fat cats . This is because of their long fur .


4. Although it is one breed , it can come in all colours . Tabbies , blacks , whites , all the colours available for a cat.


5.On top of cats not liking water , as the Persian has lots and lots of fur , it make it more harder to wash . You even have to COMB the fur !


Okay that is all of the facts I know about Persian cats ! Please tell me if you know anything else about cats , as they are my favorite animal and living thing in the universe !



A really cute kitty picture to end this blog!!!

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