A Fact File On Cats

The cat is a small , domesticated mammal that has over 30 different breeds . There are some cat breeds that only live in one country , like the Russian Blue cat , yet others , like the Persian cat , occur to live around the globe .They are kept as house cats as pets , or wild cats in the forest . Some cats run away from their home and become stray cats ; others love their humans and stay in the comfort and luxury of the home .Read below to find out more info .


Scientific name : felis catus

Life span : Around 15 years

Top 5 countries with cats in :






As I said before , there are many different breeds of cat and some can only be found in a specific country . Below you can look at some pics of cats [including Persian and Russian Blue ] .



Persian cat :



Image result for Persian cat





This cat is the furriest of them all !



Sphynx cat :





Image result for sphynx cat




This cat is the complete opposite of the Persian : it has no fur AT ALL !!!




Russian Blue :


This cat is called Russian Blue , yet it doesn’t look blue ! It looks grey !






Image result for Russian Blue cat



Last one , very popular in Britain … the last but not least British Shorthair ! Welcome to the stage , my furry feline friend !!!!




Image result








That’s all in this fact file , bye bye for now ! I hope you have read this file through thoroughly and had fun looking at cute pics of kitty cats ! Enjoy the rest of your day !





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