Javelin is my favorite sport because:
Firstly- It is very easy for me to do.
Secondly- I like it as it doesn’t involve a lot of moving.
Finally – I have a long throw so I mostly win.
1. Dedicated to Javelin Throw, the doodle features a male javelin thrower taking the throwing position in a stadium. The term “Google” is written in a slapdash manner, with the second ‘O’ hidden behind the athlete.
2. The London 2012 Javelin doodle is the first ever Javelin doodle posted by Google during the Olympic Games. Javelin Throw is one of the throwing events in the Athletics programme.
3. In the Javelin, athletes must throw the javelin as far as possible. The javelin in the men’s competition is 2.7m long and weighs at least 800g. On the other hand, the javelin in the women’s competition is 2.2m long and weighs at least 600g.
4. Using a run-up the athlete must release the javelin before the end of the runway, launching it with one hand held over the shoulder.
5. The distance the javelin travels is measured from the end of the runway to the point the javelin first touches the ground, which must be within the lines of the throwing sector.
6. The javelin must land on its tip for the throw to be valid.

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