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I can create a personal profile

I’m Faith Gregory

My class is 6W and my teacher is Mr Worrall

Here is a profile about me…

My favourite subjects is art and computing.

My favourite school trip was to Mosi in 4A

Here are some links to some pictures I like…

 http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/Qmoji/Qmoji01.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/Qmoji/Qmoji03.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/Cute monsters/Cute monsters04.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/dog/dog01.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug02.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug01.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug03.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug04.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug08.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug07.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug06.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug05.gif

(A LOT of pictures!)

I am looking forward to PGL because I like the idea of the giant swing!

My favourite sport is Rock climbing

I’m scared of heights

My favourite emojis (emoticons) are…


My favourite picture made out of emojis is this one…







(The spacing kind of messed it up!😢)

I love salmon, corn on the cob and raspberries

My favourite Toy/Teddie is one that my mum got me for my first Easter . When I was little I named him Nunkie

I have two half sibling’s ,but no whole one’s.

My half brother is called Freddy and he is one.

My half sister is called Neave and she is three.

I was born on the 13/01/2006

(My birthday was on a Friday the thirteenth!)

 I was born on the year of the dog but I’m technically a rooster because I was born before the Chinese new year.

My favourite YouTube channel is …


But I also watch…






This was my personal profile

(Comment if we have anything in common!!!)

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