The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion The Witch The Wardrobe

Lucy and the others were playing hide and seek and they were trying to hide and Peter was Lucy tried to hide but Edmund took her place Lucy tried to find a different place. BUT, then she found a Wardrobe so she went in it then she went further back and back until until she touched a spikey leaf. Lucy found a place called Narnia she turned around and sprinkles (snow flakes) fell on her heads she was surprised then she went further on and she saw a lamppost. Lucy walked to the lamppost then a sound came she turned she was nervous then a faun came out she screamed as loud as she could then hid behind the lamppost she poked her head out a tiny bit then she came closer then picked up a present and the faun was walking Lucy tried giving the faun his present.

“Um.. hello what are you doing here?” Asked the faun ” I’m a girl can I ask you something what are you?” said Lucy “I’m a Faun and my name is Tumnus” replied Mr Tumnus ,  happily. “My name is Lucy and Nice to meet you Mr Tumnus” said Lucy , trying to be nice. ” we should probeley goto my home to have some tea cakes and drinks” asked Mr Tumnus . “Ok” replied Lucy. Lucy ran with Mr Tumnus to his home. At last, they arrived at Mr Tumnus’s house they went in his house and had some hot water and cake Mr Tumnus asked to hear a music He tried to make Lucy asleep and kidnapped her to the white witch.Mr Tumnus was lonely , lonely as little boy.

Sentences about the Movie.

The more Edmund gives information , The more danger he is in.

As the faun swiftly gave Lucy a lift to an entrance to her house again.

Lucy was really pleased to see Mr Tumnus.

The end.



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