My journey

My excursion was pretty awesome, though there was one small problem: MY LEGS WERE KILLING ME!!!!! It was like sports day all over again! But enough about my aching limbs, more about the trip…
We hopped on the tram; it was a bit wobbly (“wobbly” is an understatement) I thought I was going to fall and crack my head!
Anyway, we got off, wandered around, found a nearby park and ate our lunch (which is weird because I ate my breakfast a couple of hours ago).The best thing was that we were eating above ancient ruins! Afterwards, we finally got to the museum!
We scrutinized our surroundings (I have never seen so many inventions in one place before, small ones…big ones…), then we moved on to the motors and vehicles (which were awesome, apart from the suicide plane).
Then the most awe-extracting stunt happened: EXPLOSIONS!!!!!! We made eruptions out of methane gas (ew, disgusting) and figured out who was the person guilty of blowing up the building.
Overall, it was exciting to find out all about science and how the world works. I’m glad I got the opportunity to go to the museum that day.
Thank you Bowker Vale for letting me go. Without you, I would have cut some valuable facts off myself.

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