A life cycle of ducks

How are ducks born?

Ducks live at river and lakes.There are 4 ducks in the UK they are pekin ducks, runner ducks, cayuga ducks, and most common the mallard ducks.Read more if you want to find about their life cycle!

1.First a female duck builds a nest.

2.After that, she lays some eggs.

3.28 more day later after the eggs had been laid by the mother duck, the eggs start to hatch and there are called ducklings.

4.For 40 days, the ducklings start to learn to survive with their mother.

5.A few days later, the ducklings start to fly and fly to a warmer place, which is called migration.

6.The ducklings are now fully grown and the cycle starts all over again.


When the ducklings are born they are soggy and wet.It takes 12 hours to become dry and fluffy!

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