Story of…

One stormy pitch black night lighting struck Manchester and all hell raised.Tom was panic-stricken and hid under his covers.The next day Tom was sent to give Grandmar some food because she was sick.Tom saw a kid with thick long hair and overalls with a cap . I was wanting to turn back ,but it was rude then he babbled “boo yall” .I carried on plodding on the brown mud.After that he came across a red,shining,small hoody hung between 2 huge trees that were right near each other,so I gripped on to it and took it from the trees.It started to snow and when I looked down at my trainers and all I could see was a white crystal blanket and suddenly I found a piece of paper it looked very old it was very informative so I folded it up for later I saw the sun prancing around the the light blue sky.then…a dark creature glyed around a haunted of from in the distance.”Jack,Jack,Jack run im watching you”babbled the creature.I ran in side for safety I could hear a scuttring noise form under the scurtting bored.I was scared.What is going to happen .Im I safe.Will I get out of hear? the end




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