The Chronicles of Narnia The Loin, The Witch and The Wardrobe

It all started in World War II. It was in the  middle of the war, when Lucy, Edmund, Peter, Susan and their family had to run in to their air raid shelter,, but Edmund ran back inside and shouted “DAD!”  Then Peter ran after him.  When they ran in to the house, they nearly got hit. Luckily, they ducked and ran back in to the air raid  shelter.

The next day, they were all at the train station getting ready to be evacuated to a family they have never met before. The person they were getting evacuated was called the Professor.

When the got of the train, the Professor had his house made to come and pick them up from the place where the train dropped them off at. When they got to the house, the Professor’s house made showed them where they were sleeping, but the boys had one bedroom and the girls had another bedroom. After they had unpacked, they started playing hide and seek, so Peter started to count “1…..2……3……4……5….” All the rest went to hide. Lucy found a wardrobe ( a magic wardrobe) Then all of a sudden, Lucy fell back and  it felt cold and it felt crispy. All of a sudden, she saw a faun and he jumped up and dropped all of his stuff, then hid behind a tree. Bravely, the faun introduced his self  “Hi my name is Mr Tumnus” Then Mr Tumnus took Lucy to his home.  He played some music and Lucy fell asleep, but Mr Tumnus let Lucy wake up again and took her home because he  didn’t want to give The White Witch so he let her go.

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