The Chronicles of Narnia the lion,witch and the wardrobe!

hi i am going to write what happened so far in our year 5 book …

It all started when these four brothers and sisters were evacuated because of the bombing in London

between the time of world war 2. There were two brothers and two sisters. Lucy was the youngest,then it was the

second oldest Edmund ,next it was Susan the second oldest,finally the first oldest was Peter.They missed their dad

because he went to war. They missed their mum too. Lucy is a very polite,curious and honest little girl who first

started the Narnia adventure.Edmund is a very unkind, rude,tempered ,selfish and sly character.Just when Peter

and Susan act like mum and dad to him he just storms out of the room.He only likes doing thing him self. Susan and

peter are very mature about everything! Well we should thank Lucy for everything. Read the book and find out more

adventures! I also might write more about the book.


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