PGL WEEK!!!!!!

MONDAY: The first day on Monday we went to pgl was ok. The only reason why it was ok its because the couch 2hr and 30 min jorney plus our rooms were given late. But the best part of the day was PIZZA!!!!!!. We finally settled down in our rooms unpacked and rested. Then we went out to play more games. We again settled down in our rooms for the night games. The amazing game i played at night was called ambush it was like in the army. Then we played manhunt me and hayan were on. After manhunt it was finally bed time.

TUESDAY: The next morning mrs burly woke me and my room mates up. After a few minutes we went out to the dining room for breakfast. Mmmmmm my favrioute shreaded wheat. Then we went back in our rooms for 5 minutes back for the activties. My group mrs burlys group did zip wire first. I felt nervous at first but then i let go of the ropeand did a superman pose. Next was tunnel trail. That was ok because i thoughtthe groud was going to fall on me and espesily the little tunnels i get squished. Then lunch time had come. We came back out for the giant swing. As soon as we arrived oh boy. I pulled the rope and and swing ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I said to mrs burley never ever again want to look at that. After evreyone  had finshed we headed over to the high ropes.  Haseeb was like a baggati speeding through the hole cycle.

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