My trip at PGL!!!

PGL was finally here. We were all so excited to reach our destination in Lincolnshire. We set of from school at around 9:30 and it took us 2 hours and 30 minutes to get there. When we reached PGL it was time to eat and guess what? It was pizza day!!!

We did proper activities on Tuesday. The first activity we did was high ropes. It was so scary at first, but once you had set of climbing and walking around the course it was pretty fun. We were so high it was probably around 40 feet ¬†above ground.Me and Ebony went the course 2 times ,which i think is a pretty great achievement for me since i’m scared off high things.The next activity we did was the giant swing. Me and Ebony went first on the Giant swing, we got clipped in and pulled up. We were so high that we could see the whole city. Ebony pulled the rope and we shot right down it was amazing.

We did other activities and had a lot of fun.



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