My Half Term Holidays!

My half term holidays were a BLAST! I went to YORK! It was so good that I will tell you all about it!

The Beginning

So on Friday most kids would take the opportunity to sleep in and and loaf around, but NOT ME!!! I got on a train with my mom and sister -Bijou- and zoomed off to York….

In The Train

We eventually reached York after ALOT ¬†of singing, food and imagining of what York would look like. Our mom sat in front of us and the journey to York took forever, but once we were there it seemed like it had taken no time at all. Well, that’s what it’s always like! York smelt a bit funny, but that was probably all the farms because they always stink! Or it could have just been the pollution….

In conclusion, York is lovely, it has a lot of vikings, we met one, we held an ax, ate pizza express, made magic, went into a train museum, saw the royal families train and came back!


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