My AMAZING trip to PGL!

when we arrived at PGL it looked tiny at first, until we explored the whole area. We got to see all the activities including the giant swing [my favourite] there was SO MUCH! The second day was the best because we got to go on the giant swing, once you pulled the rope you went soaring through the air it was so much FUN! One of the scariest parts of PGL was the high ropes the were really wobbly. I was so fast at the start then I got slower but more confident. Another one of my favourites was the zip wire, it was awesome, I went zooming down. There was a tier with a 10 pound note in it, you had to try and get it but nobody could reach. Not even Mr Worrall could get it.

For the last day we did archery and trapeze, I didn’t really like trapeze because there was bird poo all over the platform. Archery was fun though. Overall it was fun and I would want to go again.

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