Activity’s we did at P.G.L!


On Monday we didn’t do any activity’s we just played and went around P.G.L, but at night we went out and played Ambush (a game where there are two teams and one team counts to 5 minutes and the other team place arrows and if you go passed the arrows that they are hid next to they shout “AMBUSH!” and they win but if you see or hear them you can shout “AMBUSH!” and you win) and then we played Man Hunt (two people are it and you have to get back to where they started without getting caught.


On Tuesday we had High Ropes, Giant Swing, Tunnel Trail and Zip Wire.


On Wednesday we had Abseiling, Orienteering, Jacob’s Ladder and Climbing.


On Thursday we had Aeroball, All Aboard, Problem Solving and Vertical Challenge.


On our last day we had Trapeze and Archery.

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