My holidays!

I didn’t go home after school I stayed to do tinkering club with mr Worral. We used Makey Makey and with Makey Makey you clip it to some fruit and if you tap the fruit it will come up on your computer.

The next day was Friday and me my mum and dad went to drop my sister off at my nanas house. Then me my mum and dad went to the Trafford centre to find some paint to paint the house, because we are moving soon.

A couple of days later on Sunday we went to worsly, because we were going to get our new belt in martial arts. After a couple of hours we got our new belts which were green and after we went home.

On Thursday we went to look at some new houses and we got to go inside some of the show houses they have only just been built and it will take about four years until more are built.

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