PGL 2016 – Tuesday

Another glorious day and the first day of our activities. Today we had High Ropes, Giant Swing, Tunnel Trail and Zip Wire. High Ropes is like an obstacle course 40 feet above the ground. It is a nerve-wracking experience, but a lot of us managed to conquer our fears. Miss Dobson finally managed to complete it after four years of trying! Giant Swing is a thrilling activity, which requires teamwork and a lot of guts. Someone even has to reach behind them to pull the rope to release the swing. Tunnel Trail was an adventure underground, where we played lots of games crawling through different sized tunnels. Zip Wire requires you to run off a platform and sail across the countryside, high above the ground. We think people back at school might have heard Miss Allely scream on this one! We learnt a few more games and once night had fallen, we ended the evening with a campfire that had different stories and songs. We are all tired after an energetic day, but are looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow.

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