PGL 2016 – Monday


After our journey to Lincolnshire, we arrived to a lovely, sunny day. Even better: it was pizza day! That went down a storm. After lunch, we played some games and then went on a tour of the grounds. We got a first look at some of the exciting (or scary) challenges that await us this week. Then some of us had a game of football, whilst the others played different games. It was then time for us to go and settle into our rooms and get unpacked. We had some time to get ready for the evening’s events. We had a delicious dinner and then played Ambush and Manhunt in the dark. This involved hiding in bushes around the grounds in the pitch dark. The scariest part was when we disturbed the birds who were nesting for the night! We then headed to our rooms and are looking forward to all of the activities that are in store for us tomorrow.

To see the photographs click here:

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