What i hope will happen at PGL.

What I hope will happen in PGL.

After waiting for 6 years the time has finally come to an end! When i get to PGL, sort out my things and find out our groups, I hope all of the people i’m with will be able to get along with everyone there, Which means: no shouting/arguing, definitely no fighting and a lot of agreements on ideas! I also hope for the fun games to take place when we’re outside enjoying (or disliking) the weather. There will be lots of fun activities going on that i hope everybody in the 2 classes will take part in. During PGL, i also hope that Mr. Worrall and Mrs. Birley will scare somebody in the night, which they do every year in the night to almost every group! Somehow they manage to scare them every single time! When we get to the camp fire event, i hope that all of the stories told will give you suspense of what will happen next. However i also hope that no one will get injured in the activities that we do (which is very unlikely) for example: zip wire, jacob’s ladder, rock climbing and canoeing. These all are reasons i would love to go to PGL.

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