Tuesday 16th February 2016

My sister and I stayed home today. I first watched TV and said bye to my parents and my grandma. Then, I played on the Xbox and won 0-3. While Ishaa watched TV, I brushed my teeth, washed my face and changed my clothes. After that, my sister told me to get ready to play with each other. Whilst playing, it was really funny because she kept on falling over! Later on, my mum, my grandma and I went to Harpurhey to do some shopping. We also went to get some delicious garlic fish. After that, my mum, my sister, my mum’s colleagues and I went to a new desserts place called Gelato Passion. I had a Back 2 School dessert, a chocolate sponge cake with hot, delicious custard. However, I got locked somewhere, and was worried I would not get out. Because of this, my mum bought a bubblegum ice cream for me with sauce and sprinkles. When I returned home, I hugged all of my toys and watched TV.


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