Thor the god of thunder.

Thor was the god of thunder and was worshiped by the vikings. He is known as the most important and famous. Thor is the son of Odin, who is more important than Thor. In the viking times, all of the villagers thought that when a rainbow had gone from one side to another, it was showing them that Thor and his family were watching them from above.

Also, the kids believed that when it was a special day, Odin would come down the hole in their house (at the top) and get given 1 , 2 or 3 gifts, depending on how they behaved each day. Amazingly, Thor had two goats named¬†Tanngniost and Tanngrisnir. These goats could be either killed or eaten at any time and would be reborn as long as the bones were inside the skin. The bones had to be undamaged. They’d regenerate at night.

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