The enchanted sea monster

One dark , gloomy evening, a gust a of wind shot up in a small village called Home town. It interrupted the slumber of a beast that lived under water. Suddenly the ground started to shake like an earthquake while the beast tried to appear from the sea. A few minutes later  the Mair of Home Town  said it was just a false alarm, but a girl called Lucky didn’t think so. She wanted to find out what made this thunderous sound and said that she’s going on an adventure she will never forget…

As Lucky ran as fast as lightning to her house to get supply’s she noticed that the sea started to rumble.As the sun lowered Lucky started her adventure and came closer to the sea as possible. When she got to the end of the sand and near to the water she felt something right under her feet , so she started to dig . While the moon shot up into the sky Lucky finally got the something out of the sand she couldn’t see what it was because it was so dark . Then afterwards she rushed home and secretly tip toed into the garage and started to investigate.

While Lucky got up to her desk and turned her flash light on, she saw that it was just a stone, she was in a lot of shock, but she didn’t give up yet. She knew that there was something special about this rock because it was huge like a bolder ,so she started to carve into it.When she had finished she saw something miraculous.She shouted”IT’S AN EGG!”Suddenly her mum came down to the garage while Lucky tired to hide herself and the egg . Unfortunately she could only hide the egg and her mum was furious, but Lucky said to herself “at least she didn’t see the egg or she would of through it away.”

A few day’s later , Lucky went back to the garage and looked back to were she hid the egg , but it wasn’t there so she started to panic! Then a hour later she found it and went back to the desk. Suddenly a crackling sound came from the egg , she suddenly noticed that the egg was cracking! Minutes later,  the egg hatched and brought an adorable, golden sea monster to life.Lucky loved the sea monster and knew the right thing to do was to send it back to the sea , but she loved it too much to let it go.So every day she would bring half of her breakfast , lunch and diner to the garage an feed it to the baby sea monster. But the thing she didn’t  notice was that every day she fed the sea monster the sea monster grew and grew so one day the sea monster turned into a teenager.

Suddenly once again the ground started to rumble , and Lucky tried to discover why. Every hour it started to get louder and louder. In the evening, Lucky finally discoverer why. It’s because he egg was the mother sea monster’s so the mother sea monster want’s her baby back! So Lucky knew what had to be done ,but as she got to the beach a huge sea monster appeared from the sea. Lucky said “the mother sea monster.” in shock. She thought it was to late ,but she still had hope so she dragged the teenager sea monster and tried to get her attention but it was now use. Suddenly the teenager sea monster helped and called it’s mother . After the call , the mother sea monster grabbed her baby and left. Lucky shattered into tear’s but she knew it was the right thing to do. She said to herself ” What comes around goes around .” Then she made a change every day she would go to the sea and meet her sea monster and they all lived happily ever after.







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