My Spring Half Term Holiday

Well on Friday (we had no school) me and my mum went to Preston because my aunty had her first child a baby boy and we stayed there for 3 nights. While we were there we were playing with the baby boy he was so cute. We went to the park on Saturday and had a great but fantastic time. On Sunday we went to the McDonald’s and I bought a burger. Then on Monday it was the day we had to go. I refused to go but when my mum said we are going to London I ran up stairs and packed our clothes. We said bye to my aunty and the baby boy and thanked for the good time.


We drove to London and it took us 3 hours. When we arrived at my uncles house in London I was so happy because I didn’t meet him for 1 year. We stayed there for 2 days. On Monday he took us to his huge business where all the lawyer’s work including him. I was impressed. On Tuesday we went to a big hotel to meet his friend and it was my first time I went to a hotel and I slept there. On Wednesday we need to go home because my 2 little brothers and 1 sister and my dad were with my grandma and we had to go home to meet my I’ll grandma.


So we went home for the rest of my holiday but that doesn’t matter because at least I’m with my family.

Mahnoor 6W


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