My Half Term Holidays!

My half term holidays were amazing. Although our holidays were short, they packed with fun and enjoyment every day. I often woke up quite early, gave myself breakfast and watched TV. I didn’t know what we were going to do that friday, but that was what made it exciting. However, I was not alone being up early because my younger brother was on the PS3 (as usual). I waited for some thing to do… and waited… and waited.

This was quite boring, and by now everyone was awake. Unexpectedly, my cousin walked in the living room (I assumed mum let him in) and sat down next to me, asking me if I wanted to go upstairs and play on the PS3.That was what we did for 1-2 hours until he unfortunately had to leave, only to say he would connect with me online… and I did.

My other catch of the day was that we were eating at a posh restaurant. Furthermore, we were going to invite our close friend called Aamina and Ibrahim there. I had a chicken steak along with Ibrahim, but everyone else had curry with naan bread. Alternatively, the desert was very fancy, but they had no variety. Consequently, I had a classic vanilla ice cream.

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