all aboutthe stone age

Once upon a time there was a boy. He fell down a hole that was very deep and he screemed as loud as a alorm clock.When he fell down the deep,dark hole he got up and felt different and he walked out of a deep hole, but he saw a girl in the dictence and the girl went to wards him and she did not know him and the boy did not know her.After the boy tried to understand her, but then he noticed her name was Om.Next Om grabed me and it hurt me and my rist was red.Then she took me to her family and they were doing lots of stuff, but I did not see plastic, paper, plates and other stuff then I went fishing and it was scary because they were holding there spiers to wards me. We went hunting for animals, nuts and beires.Next we went back to her family and I went to sleep.

The next morning Om was in front of me then dragged me out of bed.I dint know were she took me.Then I fell down and never met om again, then I reliethed I was back home.When I grew older I became an arckioligest .

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