About Viking

The viking were people from Scandinavian today these coountries are known as Denmark,Norway and sweden. Around 400 AD, they begain to make frequent vaids by boat to make frequen raids by boat into Europe, even going into the Mediterranean sea and raiding sicily and southerm Italy. The viking began attacking the Atlantic coast of southern, France and also the eastern coast of England. By 1000 AD,some of the viking settled in northern  France, where they called the Normans,or Northern, and the area where they settled is still called Normandy. Here they also converted to christianity. At around the same time, some viking sailed west to Iceland, Greenland and even as far as Nova Scotia, Canada. Some viking men married Native American women there. The viking settled in Iceland and Greenland, but only stayed in Canada for a short time, because the Inuit people there were too storng fot them, and because a glabal cooling periode beginning about 1300 AD made the oceans too icy for their ships to sail.

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