When I went to the IWM

I went to the Imperial War Museum with my brother, uncle, antie and the cute baby who has really chubby cheeks.

We bought a museum guide from the reception lady. So then after that we went to the top floor to go to the horrible histories blitzed Brits side. Also me and my brother played some war games and I got to draw something and then put it on the wall.

After we went to a really big house and on the pink boxers and it had a war fighting program. So after that we went out of the section and we went to another section.

Soon as we got in we sore a REALLY BIG BIG BOMB AIROPLANE!

Here are some pictures of me and my brother in the IWM:

Me and my brother in front of a tank in the IWM

My and my brother in front of a REALLY BIG warplane!!!!!!

Me and my brother in front of army truck

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