Viking Invasion

Despite the tiring burden, I continued to drag myself across the farm and plant our crops. Everyone else got on with their jobs, the drowsiness easily visible. Although these were difficult jobs, my father said it was for the good of our village, and the future saxons will need it. Everywhere around me were sounds and shouts, grunting and heaving. Water rolled on our beaches more frequently than usual, however we had our suspicions. It was not long until a fleet of 7 ships ( as we made out ) were headed our way, ores simultaneously paddled in the roaring sea. Eventually, they reached our shore.

Half coming out from Lindusfarne , half from the shore, both high-tailing it to our monastery, mercilessly assaulting our innocent monks and heaving numerous sacks on their backs. they went for our farm, but we evacuated on cue. Next our huts, turning everything around me to a void of charred buildings and wounded soldiers, they showed no sign of mercy. My family was soon taken, along with me…


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