The treasure awaits where ?

One day , in a ordinary house there lived a innocent family . They lived near a mountain so it was very  cold . However , sometimes there kids would complain to there mum and dad that the cold over night is making them tremble and shiver . There parents got bord of hearing the same thing repeated over and over again . So they decided to move some where else . The next day they would move to another home . That night ,the children muttered about what they had heard . The next day they were woken up by a large sound . It was a loud sound a sound you would hardly hear in your life . The only problem was what was it ? They rushed down and ate are breakfast . SUDDENLY , there was a knock on the door . There mum went to answer it . As she opened it she saw something and fainted . All she said Fatima , Menahil and Aliza are names and then said in danger . Our dad said that she will be fine . So we waited till our dad came back from work . We waited and waited . Then the telly phone rang . Our mum was still in bed so Menahil , who was the oldest , answered the phone . All I heard was this you have 5 seconds to save 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 .. .Wahaha was the last thing I heard on the phone …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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