The sea monster and the mermaid!

Chapter 1

Under the pacific ocean, there was a sea monster that frightened everyone across land. The only thing was that  in the same underwater cave, there was a mermaid that had been abandoned by all the other mermaids and she was living with the petrifying monster. ” Do you still think all the land people still think I am a monster?” questioned the terroriser.

” One they are called people and two I will go spy and look for you, but it’s probably still a yes.” replied the stunning mermaid whilst feeling sorry for her friend. As quick as a flash, the mermaid was at the harbour where all the boats where kept.

The monster couldn’t bear to wait to know if all the humans still thought he was a petrifying, sea rattiling monster. As he was swimming, he was making huge waves. “Take cover! It is here! Monster we take back everything bad we ever said about you! Just please don’t  hurt anyone especially me!” screamed the first witness of the monsters waves.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone I just want you to think of me as a friendly sea creature even thou I am the biggest one ever just please exept me.” he cried.




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