The John Rylands Library

The trip 4a had was very fun,amazing and fantastic. It wasent fun on the way there, because we had to walk for so long and we had to wate in the cold for the tram.

When we got there, every one was bord ,but then it became intresting .The bilding looked verry old ,but it was bilt to look old it was just 100 and somting years old.We did some work at the sart it looked hard but when we got help it was easy.When we finshed we all had to tell every one what we found out about manchester in the oldin times.

when we where dowing the work we were all verry hungry ,but we still had to whatch other people tell us what thay found out.On the way home i was very hungry i dident feel like talking at all.My hip was herting so bad i dident feel like talking.

IT WAS THE BEST TRIP EVERY YOU GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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