My Barcelona Song

Last year me and my dad’s family went to Barcelona. We stayed in a villa, with a giant swimming pool in the back garden. 10 People went;

  1. Me
  2. auntie Lottie (Charlotte)
  3. uncle Ian
  4. great aunt Gail
  5. great uncle Pete
  6. nana Evonne
  7. granddad Neil
  8. Kim (Kimberleigh)
  9. Dad Mathew
  10. brother Oliver


One night, I had so much sugar, that I put on my flip-flops and I put my feet on the water so they would float!

And they did! Then I started to sing…


I’m in Barcelona DO DO DID DO

I’m walking on water DO DO DID DO

I’m not going under DO DO DID DO

Cause I’m in Barcelonaaaa




That song was completely made up, except the tune. The only reason I wrote this is because, my nana has just bin singing it in the kitchen. It’s either because my song is catchy, or she has remembered it?



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