Forest school!

I love forest school ,but sadly next Thursday is our last week. If you haven’t gone I will just tell you there is so many amazing places to explore. When I first started, the first thing I wanted to do most was climb a tree ,but I got up and wasn’t able to get down! On the first week me, Sahifa, Mikey and Adam made a group called the adventure. Even now we are still the adventure. There was a game we played mostly every week called silent ninga. What happens is every body hides exept one person. The person who is counting does a silly move and then the people who are hiding  have to be able to see the action. When the counter can’t find anyone else, they  sing, sticky feet sticky feet everyone together, until everyone is there.  Next we separate into two sides. People who where found and people who weren’t. The people who weren’t found had to either say ,or show the action. If you wrong, then we would now you couldn’t see the person.

Here is the thing mostly everyone says is the best bit you get HOT CHOCOLATE AND CRAKERS!!!


Here is mrs.Cooke with next to a fire. This picture was taken when all the teachers did forest school!

 This is miss.dobson  having a fun time collecting some things!


Mrs.Nicolson is a buetiful pictiure with a amazing frame!



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