For or against? (Dragons)

Drangons have been with the Vikings for century’s and is a part of Viking life. Unfortunately, some Vikings now question why we can’t keep deagons as pets. On the other hand, some Vikings believe that this is a cruel thing to do.

Vikings say that dragons should be kept as pets for battle. Vikings believe that if the dragons are in their team that have more of the advantage. (Additionally, whilst the dragons are at war, children can observe and learn more about the species.)

A further reason to why dragons should be kept as pets, is for faster transport. Instead of walking miles you can hitch a ride from a dragon and let it ride you there. Furthermore dragon can go into an unbelievable amount of speed

On the other hand , dragons should be kept with their families and loved ones. Don’t you get frightened and start to cry when you and your family are apart? If you do then think how frightening it will be for the dragons.

An other reason to why dragons should be free is because they can’t be in cages for the rest of their life. Since dragons will be in cages they won’t be able to do exercise and they will have poor hygiene.

You decide what you will choose. Keep a dragon or leave it in the wild

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