Justin And The Siren’s Harp Part I

Justin and the Siren’s harp part 1

Justin, who is a young, trusty navy boy, clung onto the rail of the ship, as the vessel tipped this way and that. It was the worst storm he had ever seen. With one powerful lurch,  he felt himself being thrown across the deck. Winded and terrified, Justin looked up as a flash of lightning lit up the ocean. He gasped. Just above the ship’s bow, he saw, a girl. A pretty girl. A pretty, magnificent girl.

Beautifully, her dress shined in the bright, mysterious moonlight. Although, she did look quite pale and she floated almost 5 inches above the ground. Sweetly, the mystery girl played heavenly on a wooden harp, which was engraved. Yet the young, in love Justin didn’t see it,because he was to busy looking at her mesmerizing  face.

The strings were pure gold and her fingers repetitively floated up and down them.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh, ughhh!” he cried in pain, something strange had appeared on his hand…


Chapter  2  The  Black  Spot 


All of a sudden, the dark, blue ocean used a strong wave which came overboard and splashed onto Justin’s hand. Quickly, it washed away,  leaving behind a HUGE, PAINFUL, BLACK…  SPOT!  He didn’t quite understand; the girl kept on grinning, the sea kept on swishing and the rain kept on rampaging down. It was his worst nightmare. Just 10 seconds of the rain clambering down, the loud, disturbing thunder called once more. If the tide weren’t coming in, if there  hadn’t of bin a storm, if the girl wasn’t luring him forwards at that particular moment, then that very day would have bin so much easier. But no. He couldn’t stay at home with his dearest mother, wonderful sister and milkman brother. Home was in Yorkshire in lots of things were famous. Like tea and puddings. It’s lovely there and the people were very nice. Though Justin didn’t get to live life there. Because he was the first child so his father took him first.

All of a sudden the boat started jiggling around and it became quiet all of the crew, who were dotted around the ship, stared at each other with confused faces…


Chapter 3 

The Leaches Are Coming!


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