my holidays

on my holidays i went to skyhigh which is a place with climbing walls. i went with my cousin and mum and dad when he got there we went threw the safety rules after they finished we put on our harness on and got ready we started climbing. There was one with a timer and I got 12.6 seconds on our way home we got something to eat.

A few days later I went pint balling with my football team.We played team death match. When you got hit you had to go and touch a target to say you was back in.

On Christmas day we all woke up and opened our stockings and got some good presents. When we went downstairs we got some better presents. Once we opened them we said Thank you to our parents.

We went to my nanas with all our family and had Christmas dinner.

on new years eve we had a party and all of my family come round.At mid night we all pulled a party popper, after we come in everyone went home.





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