My Christmas holidays

on the 19th of December I went paint balling with my football team, this was really fun and all this adults (including my dad) played and they lost so many times they should of given up!

on the 25th of December it was Christmas Day and we woke up at 6:45 (because Bethany is still like a 6 year old) I got a PS4, loads of chocolate, some clothes, money, a bike and 3 new games for my Ps4!

On Boxing Day we didn’t really do anything, but play on my PS4 I played FIFA with my dad and my sisters also tried (even though both of them lost)

On New Years Eve my mums friends came down and stayed over for the night. It was really fun and we watched a film and made hot chocolates with a mountain of cream on top and loads of marshmallows and at 12 we watched the fire works and the countdown on TV and then we stayed up till 3am  partying!

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