My Holidays (Homework)


Over the Christmas holidays it was an exciting time. I went shopping with my mom and we wrapped the presents I helped my mom decorate the Christmas tree and we put the presents underneath. I did loads of exiting thing like watch films, open presents, eat turkey and beef, go places and watch exploding firework go off as they sparkle in the sky.    


      On Christmas eve (the day before Christmas) our family watched Christmas films like but the one film what we watch every year is polar express we love that film. Al day we watched films until we went to bed and waited till Christmas day.


     8:30Am Christmas day. I was the first one to wake up out of the family so first I woke my dad up and then my brother but I didn’t wake my mom up because we got her a present and she was really tired from the day before. Downstairs under the tree was presents stacked on presents stacked on more presents it was amazing first I got my presents and separated them from my brother so we didn’t get mixed up. Then  I started opening then and the first one was a £40 steam card the 2nd one was a box and inside the box was a cup with another box and inside that box was hot chocolate and there was also a hot water bottle 3rd present a minecraft book what I always wanted 4th gift a minion puzzle out of jigsaw pieces 5th gift pajamas they were so soft 6th gift a coat 7th gift a game called minecraft story mode 8th gift 2016 believe it or not book 9th gift a set of tom gate books which I needed because I didn’t  finish the books and the final gift was a computer.    

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